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What is a round tan pill with a m imprint on one side and a 751 number on the other?

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masso 12 Mar 2015

Pill imprint M 751 has been identified as Cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride 10 mg.

Pill image and information:

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Aaron Lynn TT 13 Mar 2015

it appears to be cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride.I did not look to see what the medication was for but it appears that I did find the name which is cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride.. You should call your local poison control or pharmacy or better yet your doctor and if it is not a medicine that has been prescribed to you I would recommend and very strongly what I recommend to not take any medication that is old or medication that is not yours your medication you're not sure of and if it is a medication that has been ingested by accident you should call your local poison control center immediately.. Good luck and I hope my answer helps you free discount card

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