... need to make active changes at this point to my diet, adding lots of fiber and water daily. I am probably not consuming enough at this point to stave off these bouts of diverticulitis. Also, last year when I had a bout, I was treated with antibiotics and a CAT scan. This year, the attitude from my doctor was totally different. I am having trouble believing what I heard from him. I called stating that I was working my way into a bout of diverticulitis with lots of pain and fever. He told me to not eat and drink lots of fluids only and give him a call back 4 days later with a weekend in between. I knew that wouldn't work for me, my fever was climbing and I was in lots of pain with it only getting worse with time. He wasn't going to give me antibiotics until I insisted on it. Has anyone else had a reaction from their doctor like this. Is it related to insurance and the changes that it going through? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am a very healthy, young looking and feeling 124 lb., 5'4" 56 year old. Other than the diverticulitis, which is recent within the past few years, I do not have health problems. I feel lost with this right now