Since the surgery I have had both rotator cuffs, wrists and rt ankle operated on.My spine has been diagnosed with DDD, arthritis, bone spurs & spondylitis.I have tried 6 therapies including reiki, traction, neck braces, chiropractor & pillow, I bought6 back massagers w/ heat. I have had epiderals, facet inj and lastly thoracic rad ablat which has helped the most. I am only getting the epideral & facet inj in the side of my neck. They help some. Unfortunately to function minimally (I can't work) I am ashamed to say percocet the lowest dose 3x day get me thru. The problem is they are not showing up in my urine test. I do take them as prescribed. I don't sell them. I have been happily married for 25 yrs. I have never smoked anything or taken illegal drugs. I have no tattoos and have only received a speeding ticket. I have been learning that gastric bypass patients with malabsorption of various drugs. I can no longer take birth control pills or any XL medication. I am looking to see if any medical research is being done on this problem (I volunteer!). If I am suffering this much now at 45 who bad will it be in 10 yrs.