My four year old daughter was admitted in to the hospital because of a 104.5 fever and a UTI (UTI was present for 15 days- was on Bactrim for 10 days but Bacteria became immune to it) they started her on rocephin every 12 hours. She has gotten extremely better with no signs of a infection and is back to her normal happy self, besides the fact that two hours after ever antibiotic through iv she is getting back high fevers peaking at 105.6. I researched the antibiotic beings that she has being on it for almost 4 full days. A side effect of it is fever, chills, and sweats(exactly what she is having). Is it possible that the rocephin took charge of her UTI and the fever in which she had before from her body fighting off the bacteria and her present fever is a side effect from her antibiotics? She is seriously back to her normal self until after the antibiotic iv.