Robert325 I have seen all of your posts.

Can you please tailor a program to my needs when your schedule allows for it.

I understand the model of which you have created but I am creature of habit and almost need to be told exactly how to do it so in my mind its the most achievable.

A little information for you - I am currently taking 1x2mg pill a day. It
lasts the whole day and I am pretty stable at this dose. Prior to this I used your 25% reduction every four days to get from 16 down to 2mg.

I am having troubles though getting the schedule from here on out. Can you please make it dummy proof for me, the truth is that this last leg of the race is the most confusion to me.

I will continue to take 1x2mg sub until i hear back. I hope you will be able to shed some light. Just confused on how to cut it up and when I go about skipping doses?

based on your previous posts can you verify the example below is the correct way.

next step- reduce by 25% which equals 3/4 of a 2mg tab. Take 1 or split 1(one in am one in late after noon) for 4 days
next step- reduce by 25% which equls 1/2 of a 2 mg tab.Same as above.
Next step-reduce by 25% which equals .25% of a 2mg tab. Same as above
Next step- ??? not sure what to do from this step please help..

God bless you