I need your help,i have been on subs for 5yrs 2-4mgs once a day, prior to that i was on meth 12yrs 25mg once a day.I recently stopped on my own and not being educated enough about suboxone i came off on 4mg.I have been reading your posts and want to thank you for all the info.I thank my God for people like you,you are truly blessed. I stopped july 22nd i felt ok up til aug 4th then w/d started .On the nite of the 8th i was in hell i had a burning feeling in my stomach and chest,constant headache,my eyes look as though i have pink eye ect... The stomach was the worst.On the 9th i took 1.5mg of sub and the w/d stopped.I'm beginning to feel w/d today its not bad so far.What should i do at this point? Should i try the tapering method? What ever you say.I have been on this drug way to long and i want off. i'm 59yrs old.I have to get over this mountain i have forgotten what it looks like on the other side.It has taken the joy of life from me .Will it ever come back?I'm sooo depressed.