I am almost 37 weeks pregnant (with a c-sect scheduled in 2 weeks) and have been on subutex the entire preg. About 3 weeks ago tapered (from about 12mg) to 3 then a few days later 2 then 1 (for only a day and jumped). I have not had any since tues morning (6days ago) except for last night i slipped and took .25... I am terrified of having an addicted baby but am having withdrawls... major depression and 0 sleep. When i took the .25 last night around 3;30 am i fell asleep for about 4 hours. I dont know what to do. I only have .25 left..should i take it tonight? I see the sub dr on tues, but have no energy and feel so bad. I never knew this drug would be so hard to come off of.