Hey, just a little history to start. The usual humble beginnings:norcos to oxy to contins to morphine, doses higher and higher just for feeling. Using and spending ungodly amount of money daily to keep the demon at bay. I cannot deal with being sick from W/Ds. At all. So I came clean with my doctor after this 6 year run and now we are on 10 methadone. 7 a day last week, 6 a day this week, and so on untillwe get to 30 mg a day... then we switch to SUBS. I do not want to be a maintenance uses, I want to taper until I'm done. I still shoot my methadone 20 to 30 mgs at a time. More on "Score-day". It seems my only choice is Suboxone since I will not try to shoot it and cannot do anything else while on em. I am serious about waking up and not reaching for a orange bottle of pilss to get movin'. Please help me do this right. I will begin the subs in 3 weeks, and I get them for free. Thank you!!!