I signed on to this site because I came across your answers to Honey Bunny and others. I saw that you said a 25% taper every four days, I was curious if this is each dose or day. I am on 2.5 (2mg) pills twice a day so 10mg a day. I feel great and everything has never been better, but I am an extreme hypochondriac and I am scared to death to come off. I am a recovering alcoholic and was sober for two years and after a dental operation, i was given percocet and stupidly thought I could take it. I was on it for three months, and went to a detox to come off safely because stopping on my own made me want a drink to get rid of the jitters, and they gave me subutex. My life has taken a dramatic turn for the better, but I still want to come off. Please, anyone's assistance is appreciated. As I said though I am a hypochondriac, and war stories will not help. I just need positive support from someone with experience. thanks in advance