Robert, I appreciate your effort to help and educate in use of suboxone. My short story is I have had 5 failed/complicated, surgeries involving my heart, hip and spine. I have been on narcotic rotation since 05. I have even been on methadone accidentially, as the ignorant MD, knew I had a contra indicated condition with a defibrillator. I am a 50 y/o RN on disability.
I have spent over $40,000 this year in acute care hospitals and rehabs, as I am now unable to tolerate narcotics for longer than 1 month before tolerance and interdose withdrawal develops. I recently went on a home detox with a doctor and went from Oxy 50mg a day to Suboxone 8mg to .125mg in 30 days.
I have comfort meds, clonidine, immodium , phenergan, valium, metoprolol. I am using Tylenol, Aleve, Advil, I believe I have hyperalgesia?
My last dose of subs were 9/8/2011. My problem is horrific depression, insomnia, sucidal ideation (no plan), immovitation, laziness, hopelessness, anorexia & pain. Any clue as to how long this could last, will it become worse, and what can I do to help? The doctor says "just hang on"
Any advice will be appreciated, I really need some hope at 10 days.