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Could RLS be a result of Norco withdrawals ?

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808wahine96734 18 Apr 2012

dearest wtf why, restless leg and arm is a huge part of narcotic withdrawl. some drs actually prescribe a narcotic for someone who has restless leg and arm that is not a withdrawl reasoning. i figured that out on my own and read and read till i found that yes, it was true. so what i suggest is if your on a taper, one of your doses tuff it out, as hard that i have, and take the other half rite before bed. hang in there, excersizing and bike riding helps sweat out the icky toxins and when your pouring sweat, jump in the shower and imagine yourself washing off all the icky toxins, i use the dr bronners peppermint oil soap and that alone helps alot. hang in there. leanne

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balbanese 18 Apr 2012

Yes, I suffered a major withdrawal episode, near fatal. Among other things I am left with RLS as well.

WilliamTell 21 Dec 2014

You didn't say age. I am 76 with same problem. RLS started about day4, it is now day 10 and I do not sleep. RLS has morphed into Whole body syndrome. Is there any relief from this?

balbanese 21 Dec 2014

Well, there are several meds for this now that there weren't when I went through it. Day 10? You're just scratching the surface, hopefully knowing that will ease the anxiety some, as it can indeed linger.

Talk to our Dr about some of the meds available for this, let me know what he/she recommends.
As for age I will tell you we're not all that far apart. I can also tell you the nutritional approach made a huge difference, I looked into adequate hydration, discontinued sugar (in all its forma) artificial sweeteners, and gluten. I also took up going for mid-day walks (something I can't stand doing), 2 x 30 minutes no less than 5-6 hours before bed, in fact the more I worked my legs the better rate of improvement.

Your bout with this shouldn't be anywhere near what mine was, and again the nutritional/walking approach (which I unfortunately didn't begin until month 7 of my hellish experience) did more than I believe any medication could (or could alone). Hope this helps. free discount card

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