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Rivaroxaban - Can you ever come off these types of medications after starting them for DVT?

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DemoninDC 27 Aug 2015

Depending on your circumstances, the answer can be yes. You need to provide more information. How did you get the blood clot? Is this your first blood clot? If this is not your first clot, how did you get your previous clots?

ryalsm 29 Aug 2015

I have had two episodes of DVT. I had lots of them both times and they never moved from my legs. Started on Coumadin and couldn't get therapeutic then got them again on Coumadin. They said I had no albumin in my blood and could not make blood. I now make blood, have an albumin level that is ok, and no clotting in my blood. I am anemic but saw my doctor the other day and he said we would try to come off Xarelto which was added on my second set of DVT. He believes that my clots are caused by anemia. I am taking Injectafir or INjectafer to improve my anemia. He said there would be danger but it could be done. What is your opinion? They are so expensive $400.00 for 30 days.

DemoninDC 30 Aug 2015

Are you seeing a hematologist? If not, why? How did you get each of your DVTs? This is critical.

Let's talk about your albumin issue first. In a 2010 review of two studies on whether a low serum albumin concentration is associated with increased risk of VTE (DVT) has been a matter of controversy. In both studies, after adjustment for age, sex, race, use of hormone replacement therapy, estimated GFR, history of cancer, and diabetes, serum albumin tended to be associated inversely with VTE. The study concluded that low serum albumin was a modest marker of increased VTE risk. The observed association likely does not reflect cause and effect, but rather that low serum albumin reflects a hyperinflammatory or hypercoagulable state. Whether this association has clinical relevance warrants further study. free discount card

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