My 79-year-old mother had a very large benign brain tumor removed January 20, 2016. She had a seizure that evening, which left her with stroke-like symptoms. Her speech and movement returned gradually. After two weeks, her doctors prescribed Ritalin: 5 mg of breakfast and five at lunch. Immediately her energy level increased, she was able to participate in physical therapy and her cognition and engagement returned. Sadly, one month post-surgery she fell and broke her hip. She was moved to a care facility for rehab. Six weeks after brain surgery she had good alertness prior to taking meds each day and Ritalin was discontinued. Within the week her energy and cognition deteriorated. Ritalin was begun again and energy, cognition and participation in therapy increased. We now have a new Neuro team who advises against Ritalin, noting risk of death in one of 1000 patients and citing heart failure. We are concerned that without Ritalin, mom will become disengaged, have low-energy and not be able to stand or walk (which is what happened last time) which would keep her from returning home. We are looking for additional input as we fear her quality of life will be greatly diminished. Prior to surgery, she was fully functional in all ways (pre existing conditions were obesity, diabetis, and osteoarthritis in her left knee). Suggestions?