Has anyone had any issues with anger or irritability, either while under the influence of Ritalin, or while coming off it? I found that, in later adult life, caffeine seemed to turn my mouth into a verbal machine gun, when I was angry. And, I read a very alarming article, stating that the satanic Adolf Hitler, iwas one of the first abusers of amphetamines, a man whom the German doctors dosed up, with this then-new drug.

Anyone who listens to a tape of his speeches, can realize that his mouth was a menacing & powerful machine gun. (And, a mouth that put machine guns into the hands of many other people, and inflamed an entire nation.) I ask because have "gone off" on people and said extremely unwise things on caffeine; and, also, while coming off it in the evenings, I used sometimes to find even the voices of my own wife and kids mysteriously irritating, even if they were not misbehaving! So I don't want to go from being, currently, a "caffeine abstainer", – to bring someone on what may be an even more powerful irritation-creating drug.

Also, as a 40 year coffee abuser, I wonder about reports of increasing dosage requirements, for those who have been on Ritalin for many years. I am really not interested in "two months good news" stories, or answers from folk who have just started; I am interested in the long-haul reports. Unless their reports mention anger / irritation, of course.

And a final question – at age 40, I had a coronary artery spasm – (which was like a heart attack – and lead to an exploratory coronary catheterization). I quit coffee for a full year after that, because I felt it was implicated, and I was scared. Especially since afterwards when I resumed caffeine, I found the same type of chest pain coming on me when I was coming down from a caffeine high. So questions about heart rate are of course very interesting to me. I do not have artery blockage, in fact I have extremely good blood pressure and cholesterol numbers.