Been on adhd meds for 10 months now. I noticed Ritalin is only lasting about a hour for 20mg quick release. so I asked doctor for 40mg exstended release. Also, should I take the med like 4-5 days a week? maybe taking it 7 days a week for 9 months has cause tollerance since my retaining to knowledge and wanting to learn has gone down a lot these past two weeks.

anybody have and info or suggestions they have experienced. I have to stay on ritalin because its cheaper and other things. But I did like Vyvance when I first started adhd meds. started ritalin in July of 2012 so it's been like 8 months of me on ritalin two doses of 20mg exstended a day. sometimes I want to do a third dose of 20mg to a maximum of 60mg in 6 hours, but realize that's how people start abusing this medication and will probably put stress on my heart even though I have no side effects besides being thristy and dry mouth and of course not eating as much.