Ritalin I have a 19 year old nephew who has been on Ritalin since he was six years of age. He has suffered with unexplained destructive actions (i.e. cutting up the seats in a car for no reason, breaking and entering to steal, and destroying things). He is always remorseful for his actions and cannot understand why he does these things. At an early age (around 8 or 9 years of age) he begged with me to stop his mother from giving him the Ritalin... not being his parent or legal guardian I had no control over his request... he said the Ritalin made him feel strange. Now he is 19 years of age and has tried so hard to do right but he still continues to get into trouble as I mentioned above... he is now dealing with major legal problems as a result of his behavior. Did I and his parents miss something when ten years ago he asked not to be given the Ritalin because it made him feel strange... I know that he is basically a good boy and strives to do right but there is something that shadows his behavior and I just am trying to help him sort things out. If there is absolutely no chance that the Ritalin could have contributed to his actions... I can accept that and will have to take the other road to make him understand he is accountable for his actions... I just want to know I am helping him now that he is in the position to seek my help and does not have to be alone deal while attempting to turn his life around. Please anyone who may know of any information regarding matter……guide me as to where to seek help. Thank you