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Risperidone - I just started taking risperidone, Any reviews would be helpful thanks?

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Buggs333 22 Oct 2018

Hi, I have several of the same disorders. Years ago I was on rispradone, it caused me severe pain in muscle on my back, down my spine. Nothing helped except cogentin. I took 2 mgs of the cogentin twice a day. And my life was awful for years. I had severe hallucinations, delusions and paranoia. It took awhile, but it finally hit me that the cogentin was causing it. I couldn't take the rispradone without it, so I finally convinced my Dr. to switch me to a different antipsychotic. Because I have been on them since the 80's, I have been on sooooooo many different ones. So she tried me on Latuda. It works to a degree, yet because I had all those years of hallucinations, delusions and paranoia I can't erase all the thoughts I had and am not normal. I believe that I have a camera in my eyes and all sorts of stupid thoughts. I wish I could get those years back. Knowing that I can't trust any of my thoughts is tough. So you will probably be okay if you don't take it with cogentin. Sorry that I ramble on. I just don't trust that med. free discount card

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