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Is a risperidone medication a long life treatment ? if not how long should stay on a risperidone ?

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Marvell 5 Jan 2014

What condition has risperidone been prescribed for?

bolto88 24 Jan 2014

it can be depending on how bad your condition is.. my doctor told me i would be on it for life because of the level of ( paranoid ) schizophrenia i have. however i know of someone who only took it for about 8 months and didn't need it anymore.. bipolar/schizophrenia isn't a bad thing and can be treated.. if you don't know how long to stay on it here's an idea.. if you think you don't need it anymore slowly ween yourself off it over two to 3 weeks, if your on the 3 mg dose then cut back to 2mg then a week later 1mg then 0.5 mg and if your ready to come off it you wont need it but if your not ready you'll know about it because there are side effects going off it like mood changes sweats things like that, however ALWAYS PLEASE ALWAYS check with your doctor before you do this.. im not a medical professional im just knowledgeable about risperidone because ive been taking it now for 3 years and have tried going off it before with bad results ill need it for life

anyways i hope this helps you

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Abebe Desalegn 11 Feb 2014

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