My son is very agressive and his hurt other children me and animals. He doesn't sleep more than 2 hours a night and is doing horrible at daycare. I had him evauluated through a psychologist and she recommended Clonidine for sleep. I talked with a psychiatrist who recommended seroquel a very very small dose however no one wants to actually prescribe him. he has hallucinations and yells and screams at the walls in his room. He is so agressive I have bruises on me daily. No one will medicate due to his age. I am willing to do anything at this point. I have tried melatonin however it doesnt work. I will travel to another state or even to canada if I need to. I am lost and need someone to help him. I think if they medicate him he could function better and learn and be who he really is a wondeful sweet boy. I am from Michigan.