Long story short. I am a step parent. Our 13 year old son moved in with us over the summer and had a bad morning. He went to school angry and upset and told a teacher he wanted to die and blow up the school.We took him for eval and was put on Risperdal .05 two times per day along w prozac and cogentin.Now 21 days later he has become aggressive violent and angry. He is back in the hospital. I truly believe he was exaggerating what he was feelingand now the meds are CAUSING exactly what he said he was feeling. HELP! Their answer is to double the dose (??? ) this is a boy who was sad but did not fit ANY of the other criteria... that we could see. Now he is bizarre and I am worried.Is it possible that if he had dramatically made up the suicidal ideation and thenmisdiagnosed that further treatment could be disasterous?