I have had a major major struggle with anxiety and depression for the past 2.5 years. I've had it longer than that and when I was younger I had Panic disorder but up until 2 and 1\2 years ago it was in control. (The panic disorder has mostly dissipated) I took myself off of zoloft for some reason that I don't even understand and it just turned my world upside down. Major anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and so on. Finally in september of last year a doctor put me back on some medications that seemed to allow me to at least function. That was effexor, the risperdal and prozac were added later. I am on .25 mg of risperdal, 75 mg of effexor, and I was on 20 mg of prozac. The fact is, is that I could function, but I was nowhere near myself, I'm still not myself. Back when I was on just zoloft I was really really energetic. I was constantly out and about. With friends, going to public events. Now, even on these medications, I am very sluggish, in an almost depressed sort of way. I avoid friends and social situations and if I am in a social situation it is very anxiety provoking. At home I have lost all motivation, I don't clean, I don't have fun, I spend most of my days sitting around feeling anxiety. I'm still in high school and I started out this year strong, nearly straight A's and now I'm barely passing my classes. I'm a senior, I can't afford to fail. I also have bizarre things that I've never had before, the biggest one is night sweats. It used to be just when I forgot a medication, but now it's every time I dream about anything I sweat profusely. So much so you can see it on the sheets. I finally demanded that my doctor put me back on zoloft, so she finally put me on 100 mg of zoloft and took me off of the prozac and left the other two medications alone. I haven't taken it for a full week yet and I'm supposed to be taking 50 mg until then and then go up to the full hundered.. seems like a bit much to me but I don't know. I hope this is going to help, but I have a feeling it won't. Any Idea on what is causing this major struggle? I want my energy back!!! I want to be me again, I want to want to hang out with people again, and go to public events. I want to have motivation. Is there something with these medications that could be causing this? Anyway help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much to those who can give help and advice.