I was have depersonalization/derealization disorder which causes me to have very existential and philosophical anxiety. My pysch doc prescribed me with .25mg of Risperdal and I have been on that for about 9 days. She has decided to up the dose to .5mg. She also prescribed 10mg of Paxil to take after a week of taking the .5mg of Risperdal, then take them together. I notice the Risperdal has helped me stay asleep, I have been having very vivid dreams lately since taking it. I haven't noticed much as in helping with my dp/dr, I have noticed the ocd pure o thoughts haven't been quite as loud but they are still there. I also noticed I have been depressed since taking it and not a lot of energy either or want to do anything or be social. Should the Paxil help with the depression from the Risperdal and is that a good combination to treat dp/dr? Just would like some input or professional opinions.