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I use risperdal 0.5 mg to sleep 7 hours? Been using it for more then a year I want to quit?

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Delila 14 Sep 2013

Can i ask why you want to quit? You are on a low dose, & as it is being used for sleep only, you could simply stop taking it. Or for a better chance of not experiencing withdrawal symptoms, you could discontinue by reducing to 0.25mg for a week & then take the medication every other day for a week before quitting. You should inform your doctor about what you are planning to do

crach 14 Sep 2013

Thanks Delila, I had a psycotic brote over 2.5 years ago, since then I had problem spleeping with out medication, my Dr psyquiatric when I finish my 8 months taking medocine told me that i can began not taking the medicine one day off one day take it, but I have problems maintain for more then 2.5 hours a sleep if i dont take medicine, so I don't want secondary effects and problems with my libido I have to use vitamins to countermesure this. I posted the question if some body has the same problem as I do. (sorry about my English it's not my first language)

crach 14 Sep 2013

delila I ment psycotic outbreak (brote)

Factfinder411 14 Sep 2013

Your lucky I can't fall asleep on 1 mg.

crach 14 Sep 2013

Thanks I kind of new that I m thaking a low dossage. how much you have to take? I'm 38 but my sleep disoder began at 36. Ihad have one big psycotic out break 2.5 years ago. since then I have had 3 smaller ones. yoi say you are F female 29?

Factfinder411 14 Sep 2013

Yea, I'm 29 and female. I just can't sleep, it's mostly stress related from a custody battle. I have to at least take 5 mg, but the medication isn't really for sleep. I just stopped taking it bc my doctor was using it off label for sleep which I guess a lot of doc disapprove of. free discount card

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