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What are the risks of taking levothroid 88mgs for hypothyroidism?

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kaismama 24 Jan 2013

One heck of a lot less then the risk of not taking it. It has some side effects, like rapid pulse, weight loss and hair loss, but all in all its a needed hormone in your body and you have to replace it if its low.

meyati 25 Jan 2013

Are you one of the patients that was told by Medicare that Armour is unsafe and ineffective-and you must take a synthetic? The risk is that your body is unable to break down the levothroid into the necessary components to work on your body. I got that notice and saw my doctor-he said that I'd just have to pay for Armour myself. I consulted with another doctor that told me since I already have a bad history with synthetic thyroids, no doctor in his right mind would prescribe anything but Armour. Demand to get T 3 evalues when you get your thyroid screen. When you body doesn't get the T 3, all sorts of things can go wrong. When they stopped making Armour about 5 years ago, I couldn't even handle the stuff compounded at a local pharmacy. I don't think they followed directions-but I can't prove it.

endlessPred 25 Jan 2013

Meyati, we have been through this countless times. The risk is not the synthetic or not. The risk is contamination from an animal base. My endo and rhuemy were very specific about this and we discussed in detail. Prions or various virus or bacteria could be introduced into a batch. Mad cow disease still exists and has been a problem in Canada where Armour has been made. I do understand why you are taking it. It is important to give all information.

meyati 26 Jan 2013

I have my doctors and their opinions, which is that some people cannot process synthroids. I took synthroids, and I got sick. My doctor at the time did not like to prescribe animal based thyroid replacement hormone, but that's what he did. He prescribed Armour. You have your physical problems, which causes you to take certain medications. I have a different problem, possibly because of my IBS, I have difficulty in digesting and processing some things, and I seem to have a big problem with synthetic thyroid.

endlessPred 27 Jan 2013

Meyati, I have acknowledged your position in my statement above. I have also stated that some people have your choice. I am giving both sides of the issue. A person needs to be prepared to get a denial from their doctor and understand why. An individual also needs to have time to understand their choices than a surprise at the doctor. I believe a balanced presentation of information is essential.

endlessPred 25 Jan 2013

Taking the medication has no risk. As stated above, not taking it will eventually cause death. You will have an endocrinologist for the rest of your life. Be sure you take your med first thing in a.m. with water only. Half an hour later you can have breakfast. Be sure you take 1200mg calcium every day. And go for your periodic tests as the doctor requests. Thyroid is very slow to adjust and takes weeks for an effect when doses are changed.

The argument of using Armour or not is between you and the doctor. My doctors will not prescribe it because every dose is slightly different and dosing for the body changes for each batch. There is also a concern regarding where it is made and the safety of it since it is made from either beef or pork thymus. Hundreds of animals make up a batch and the chance for contamination does exist. For those like Meyati who cannot use synthetic this is the alternative. For those that can, the synthroid works fine.

meyati 26 Jan 2013

Thank you for balancing this out. If a person is unable to break T4 down into T3, that person still faces undesirable effects of a bad thyroid. There are risks in every med. Everybody has a different opinion based on their doctor and their own body. I understand that my physician isn't the only one that's still writing Amour scripts for people on Medicare and medicaid. They are trying to make a synthroid with different T 3, but it's not working out so well. free discount card

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