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What are the risks if I don't completely swallow the pill taro-docusate?

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kaismama 20 Feb 2014

How can you not completely swallow it? If you drink a glass of water with it it has to go down.

korstrategies 20 Feb 2014

thanks for the useless answer. I'm asking because an 85 year old woman had a pill get stuck in her throat. Anymore smart answers like that.

No thanks!!

kaismama 20 Feb 2014

Sure I have lots of them, if she can't swallow then she shouldn't be taking pills, and if she can swallow its not going to be stuck in her throat. Not being able to swallow includes things like diverticulum, (pouches in the esophagus) that catch things, then she needs to have a swallowing eval. If there is nothing wrong with her ability to swallow and she can swallow food then she is swallowing the pill and a full glass of water will be sure to get it all the way down. I wanted more info, because what you said didn't tell me anything.

kaismama 20 Feb 2014

We aren't psychic and we need info to give decent answers. free discount card

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