As I was leaving my dads house tonight I had a run in with the neighbors cat. She's the sweetest cat in the neighborhood and always runs right up to me to be petted. However, tonight she bit me. She didn't draw blood even though I keep analyzing the wound and am convinced I see a microscopic amount on my skin. Well, I got to my house and frantically told my mother my concerns for Rabies so she had me wash it down with peroxide. I did that for a couple of miuntes and let it dry then patted the rest off with some toilet paper. I have REALLY bad anxiety so my mind is going is going wild with the idea the cat may have been sick. She seems pretty healty though, nothing too concerning about her appearance. She's not aggresive at all I think she may have just felt threatened. I'm still pretty concerned though so I'm going back in the morning to ask the neighbor if she's up to date with her shots. I'm also going to keep an eye on her for the next 10 days or so, I hear if a cat is sick it usually will pass within 10 days of conteacting the illness. I'm still so nervous! Are the odds very high for a domesticated cat to have Rabies?