I have a bad lower back, due to a fall down my steps at home. I had just had a baby 4 days earlier and was going down my steps holding a laundry basket, catching up from being a mommy to a newborn, when I stepped on my cat, (I didn't see him), his screech made me jump and lose my balance and I went down about 7 steps, on my tailbone/butt. I never had a back problem in my life, was very fit. I have been to numerous Doctors and they say the same thing I have bulging in my L4-L5 and my L5-S1, but not bad enough to do surgery, which I find hard to believe with the amount of pain I am in. My current orthopedic has referred me to 2 different Doctors for a back fusion, and both denied that fact that it was bad enough to do, thankfully (Im scared to death to have surgery). My problem now is, some Doctors have told me one thing and my records indicate something different. I made a huge mistake of getting my medicine (Hydrocodone 5/500) a week early, but I only did it because my back has kept me from working and that was the only time I would have the money for my refill, now I am labeled a Drug seeker??? Why?? In reality, I am seeking, but for the reason being, I am in agonizing pain... now what can I do to prove I am not, can I obtain my medical records?