I hurt my back at work and now live with chronic back pain. I have to go to a pain clinic for pain medication and of course Workman's Comp is paying for it. Between my back doctor and the pain clinic doctor working together they finally found meds that were working for me. Out of the blue, the pain clinic called and informed me that my Workman's Compensation Insurance has called them and their doctor has advised that they switch my medication to something entirely different. I was not included in this decision at all. The first I heard about it was when they called me on the phone. My attorney says since It has been over 90 days, Workman's Comp shouldn't be able to control anything. It should be up to my doctor. Does the clinic have the right to do switch me without my input? The meds are not even close to what I was taking, but they tell me I have no choice in the matter. Workman's Comp strong armed them and they threw me under the bus.