I'm prescribed 60mg vyvanse which I take daily.
I did not sleep last night because of anxiety and took my vyvanse anyways because I knew I wasn't going to sleep. It's wearing off now, and the mix of not eating, not sleeping, and coming off of vyvanse made me irritated so I chewed on a few lemon balm leaves. I got pretty relaxed and then a sudden sharp pressure came into the right side of my chest and right shoulder. But the thing is, this happens a majority of the time I'm coming off of vyvanse, no matter if I slept or eat. This pain started about a month or two ago and I don't have it while still feeling the effects of the medication, it's just when it's mostly out of my system and I'm laying in bed. I get it suddenly and don't know what to attribute this to. My heart race is also usually increased when this happens.
My heart rate has been increased the last 2 times I went to the dr, but I drank coffee right before both those times.
So heart issues caused by vyvanse or maybe anxiety? Idk about anxiety because I'll still experience it if I chew lemon balm or take a xanax.
And I'm pretty sure this isn't related, but this seemed to start around the time my eye doctor suggested I possibly have choroidal melanoma.