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Is it right for my pulmonary doctor to treat me horrible because I was a former smoker?

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masso 16 Aug 2017

Of course not, he/she is not seeing you to judge you and treat you badly, he/she is supposed to be a professional, and the way he/she behaved with you was out of order. I would have stood up and left, which I have done before when disrespected.

Windchimes123 16 Aug 2017

Hi Kandy,
Kick that doctor to the curb and get a new one!
His bread and butter has been on ex-smokers !
Seriously, there are too many good ones out there. Try and get a referral or google them.
Getting upset is not good for you. It will make your breathing worse.
Take care

Stephen Treloar 17 Aug 2017

Kandy, I can only reiterate what the others have said, being treated poorly by a doctor, for any genuine reason is shameful; they are supposed to look after vulnerable people.

Similar to Masso (but not the same) I would have said something profoundly offensive (and gotten asked to leave) and as Windchimes suggested; if it were not for smokers he would be the rudest burger flipper in town. free discount card

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