I've recently started a customer representative job where I'm frequently answering the phone and holding it between my RIGHT ear and shoulder which hurts because I wear earrings, which is originally what I thought this pain was. It hasn't been going on for more than a day but the pain is getting worse instead of better. just below my ear lobe around the top of the jaw is VERY tender and my ear itself is sore (slightly to the touch), like when you sleep with it folded over and the next day its uncomfortable or have tight headphones on. I'm noticing slight pain when I open and close my mouth as well but its mostly just an ache around my ear and ON it NOT IN it. tmj disorders sounds like what it could be but I don't want to jump to conclusions so early. Even just grazing the pillow against it hurts. Please help! I'm an at home remedy person so going to the drs is a last resort kind of thing for me