I am a 22 year old male in good physical health. I have struggled with OCD and anxiety my entire life, been on about a dozen different SSRI since i can remember and visiting just as many psychiatrists. I go through short periods of feeling better followed by long bouts of severe depression, obsessive compulsive behaviors and anxiety, after my last meds (citalopram and cymbalta) i took a break from everything with a feeling of just giving up on finding the right med for me. I tried to go with living a healthy life (eating right, exercise, trying harder to socialize, taking vitamins, and stay away from alcohol or any other mind altering substances.) again i had a short period of relief but now im back to the same feeling of depression and anxiety, not even wanting to get out of bed. even worse is my social anxiety is so bad I am avoiding people at all cost and when i do run into somebody i have a severe panic attack and cant even form sentences. I couldn't take it anymore and went back to another psychiatrist who prescribed me 200 mg modafinil to get me out of bed, help lift my brain fog and with hopes of giving me the motivation and confidence to talk to people again. i have been taking the modafinil for about 3 weeks, every other day or other couple of days as needed. (prescribed for daily use but dont want to build a tolerance or possibly even get addicted).. seems to help slightly depending on the amount of sleep iv had the night before.. dont feel any real boost in energy or mood. a side effect being i definitely feel a crash after about 5 hours and that i can take it and go right to sleep.. I really like the idea behind this drug and want it to work ideally i would like to find a good anti depressant to add with the modafinil in hopes that the two would synergies together. i would really appreciate any help. thank you.