Hello all. Hoping people are catching the news regarding the arsenic levels in rice that is grown in the US and the danger it poses to infants, impaired immune systems and people with frequent consumption.

Apparently white rice cereal should not be fed to a baby or young child for more than one serving per day age five and under. That is not much. Whether rice krispies, baby cereal, whatever food source, each serving increases arsenic levels by 44% in the body.

No child is to get rice milk if under age five as arsenic is more concentrated.

Brown rice is even worse! Higher levels in that. Not for kids.

The reason the American rice has become dangerous is that the water it grows in has become so polluted that arsenic compounds are now high. Rice happens to be one plant that gathers it frequently. It is also a main problem for southern water supplies which has been reported for quite some time.

arsenic concentrations cause many forms of cancer including liver cancer. Arsenic is a heavy metal and does not leave the body easily. It builds up over time. Babies may suffer neurological problems and long range health problems.

More reports are expected out soon. Please spread the word.