I was in a freak accident car transmission skipped from park to reverse when I got out of the car well the door hit me so hard it hit the side of the car. I was pinned underneath. No broken ribs but they said its hard to tell if the muscle tore from the ribcage. I was dragged about 6 to 12 feet. Now this car has less then 9k miles on it so a lawsuit will be filed. I was given Vicodin then tramadol which didn't help then Vicodin again but was only given it to take the edge off. It's been a week and I can barely move. I was told to take two Vicodin a day which is crazy even the pharmacist said it was weird bc it only last 6 hours. My muscle keeps popping and it is a horrible pain.

What should my next step be? Should I request an MRI or goto an ortho?