... decided to register. Recently ( starting around 7 months ago roughly) ive been experiencing moderate to severe (level 6-7.5 for me and thats bad like id rather have a broken arm or something than this) and finally ( 3 weeks ago) got up the nerve to drag myself to my general family doc to see what the deal with this bone and joint pain / stiffness ive been experiencing was all about. He ran a slew of blood labs ranging from lupus to HIV everything accept my blood pressure and heart rates were " just fine, very normal" i was stunned and finally my doc and i came to the conclusion that this issue was beyond him and i needed a re feral to see the rheumatologist. The best rheumatologist around was luckily who i was referred to see. My doc understood the amount of pain i was in so he prescribed me 15 10 mg oxycodone IR pills i was to take one at bed since the pain has been severely effecting my sleep ( even with a recent bump 300mgs of xr seruquel to help with sleep from my psych doc)... i was very grateful to say the least but was concerned about inflamation/ potential joint damage so he prescribed me 600mgs of Daypro to take when i wake up. Its Been 3 weeks since that point things are getting a little worse pain wise during the day the swelling of my joints has gone down and im now splitting the oxycodone in half taking one 5mg half when i wake and the other a few hours before bed docs orders since the whole pill at bed was actually to stimulating for sleep and made my insomnia worse so he ordered the split daytime dose. I have 10 more days until i see the RH doc and the oxycodone is helping alot during the day but it seems to have a much SHORTER duration than it did when i started taking it a few weeks ago... what should i be prepared for before i walk in to the Rheumatoid docs office? My mother goes with me to most of my appointments so she keeps all of my records for me ( love my mom she makes my life berrable shes just awesome with helping me get around to the docs etc) in a nice organised manner since ive got so many med / lab records. Anyways im still in alot of pain had all of my meds (lyrica, a 300 mg xr seroquel 5mg oxycodone 2hrs ago and 200mg lyrica 10mg propranalol) after all of those meds im still starting to hurt badly ( a 7.5 out of 10) would it be plausible to ask the rheumatologist to write me something thats NOT instant release like the NOT IR oxy as im getting desperate pain wise i cant get a restful nights sleep at all anymore and to be honest typing this is extremely uncomfortable as well eve with both wrists braced heating pad etc im close to being in agony. Any other insite as to what i should be doing to prepare for my rheumatologist visit and to possibly help alleviate some of this pain im in. THINGS IVE TRIED SO FAR : oxycodone ( most effective) dayrpo antiinflamatory,2 hot showers today with icy hot right afterwards drinking water taking vitamin e and b12 supplaments from the doc via IV, point cortosone injections in my neck ( was awful i DO NOT respond well to steroids the seem to make me manic and out of controll) amongst other things ( a small ammount of high grade cannabis with a buddy helped alot with the joint side of pain wnt from a 7.5 to a 5 with just my normal meds and 5mg oxy and cannabis)

Sorry for any run ons or misspelled words / bad grammer its a chore to type with two full wrist braces on haha God BLess you all and have a awesome night!