... any kind of pain meds from drs, anyone else with this problem? Something happens to the PCP when I mention the RA-they put their pen away. I have been to 2 drs in the past and only reported my OA along with MRI's and xrays and they were more than happy to give me whatever I asked for. The most recent dr I visited even suggested I see a surgeon regarding my back (this is the second dr to mention this) but would only give me Gabapentin because of the RA. Does anyone else have this problem? My OA is pretty advanced also-I am only 38 and have been on disability for a year now. I was initially diagnosed with RA, OA, and Fibro at age 35 and have had IBS since age 14. I don't know what to do because I need the RA meds but at the same time some sort of pain relief