... 200 mg. twice a day. I was diagnosed with RA around that time. It had started, apparently, years ago with what they called "palindromic rheumatism", which affected my wrists and hands. It was very painful, but lasted only a few days. I was put on Plaquenil back in 1999 and took for only a few months and the condition went into remisson, so I stopped taking the drug, Then in late 2012 I started getting carpal tunnel-like symptoms that came on like gangbusters! I had to miss several days of work due to the condition. My rheumatologist said I had osteoarthritis and then said it had progressed to RA. Mostly my wrists hands and arms are affected. Numb, tingly and painful. Can hardly bend my fingers sometimes and opening doors and jars is painful. I typed for many years on the job. I am now retired. Age 58. Anyhoo... my rheumatologist now wants me to start on Methotrexate at 2.5 mg (3 tabs, so really 7.5 mg) once a week, in addition to the Plaquenil. I'm a little scared to do this. I am a person who reads all about the potential side effects and they do scare me. Plus, I admit I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, so my mind runs away sometimes with all this information. Just as an aside, I went gluten free 16 months ago and the effect was phenomenal! After 2 months GF, I felt like doing cartwheels! I am still GF and I'm sure it helps, but I haven't been eating as "clean" as I once was. Anyway, my rheumy feels that I "am tolerating a lot more pain than I should" and feels that the "window of time" to treat RA is becoming short. Can anybody give me some insight as to taking Methotrexate and Plaquenil together? I'm really avoiding the methotrexate... I am one of these people who would rather find a "natural" treatment and avoid the meds. Thanks so much for your time!