... was a hairstylist . My hand started hurting like 8months ago it was swollen and every time I pick up anything even a pillow I get a sharp shooting pain in my wrist it goes up my arm . I can't handle the pain I wake up at night and cry . I can't hold my babie as much as I should I can't cook I can't do much at all any more . So do anyone have this like I do . Then I didn't think It could get worse and I went to get up about a month ago and I started screaming and I have never felt pain that bad both of my hips hurt . So now I can't move with out help bath or stand with out help or a walker it horrible pain the doc and he said its the same thing that's in my hand .and he thinks I have another medical problem . So I was on prednisone 15mil for 3 months and oxycodone 20mil so now I'm to stop all of that meds and use a fentanyl patch 75 mil oh that didn't work at all I was in so much pain I could not move at all I would just scream . So I went back to day and now I stopped the patch and now Im taking 30 mil oxycodone please help if u have any info I could use I now closed my salon and stay home with my 4 children and my care taker lol I need help and my husband didn't want to help so I'm doing this alone any info please does ra move around this fast