... infection followed by acute rheumatic fever since last year. As a baby we were in an out of the emergency room due to high fevers and sour throat infection. But never did we ever had a strep culture test, until the first part of last year. And this was done because she had stiffening episodes followed by abdominal pain and fevers with continuous vomiting. this is still a on going battle between trying to get the right diagnoses for our daughters case because we have been in an out of Stanford medical hospital who special like in cases like these and we don't seem to get answers just maybe's and one specialist after another. She is seeing a Rheumatoligist that is treating her with penicillin shots every 3 to 4 weeks until she is 18 years of age and we still don't know why we still have a variety of un answered questions (i.e. why does she continue to relapse on strep infections? why does she losses the ability to walk? why does she have stiffening episodes on both legs and hands? why does she suffer from abdominal pain?) if all the lab work show everything is ok, except for a positive strep throat infection that comes and goes. We are now working with a neuromuscular specialist after finding some abnormalities on a EMG test. But yet no diagnoses, as for the abdominal pain, I am going to ask for a referral from her pediatrician, to see a G.I. specialist. Any comments from anyone would be appreciated, this is my first time joining a support group with the hope that someone can share some similarities