I have been on my anxiety/depression journey for about 4 years now and switched to 200mg of Pristiq since March last year. The progress has been slow but relatively steady to the point where I have had time where I have actually felt some peace and seen the "sun poke through the clouds". I even looked forward to and enjoyed our Christmas holiday away to the point that for the first time since I can remember I actually wanted more time in the day, not just for it to end so I didn't have to fight any more. It is still a struggle but I now have some hope. Unfortunately 3 weeks ago I dislocated and broke my shoulder so had emergency surgery. It is still really painful and I had been old 15 mg of Endone for the 3 weeks but I stopped that 2 days ago to give my body a "break". Unfortunately it seems like my anxiety and some depression have come back in a fierce way, to the point it is nearly as bad as before I started Pristiq. I am trying to practice my mindfulness strategies but the "noise" is too loud. I even had an alprazolam today (.25mg) but that didn't even touch the sides. Do you think it is to do with Endone withdrawals or does anyone have any help or suggestions that can help. It feels like I don't have the strength to try and do this again. Thank you