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Retired Has anyone developed TMJ or problems with your mouth not opening as wide as it should?

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suzanne66 7 Aug 2011

Yes I had this years ago. Had physio but it did nothing. Finally (after several months) it just came right without doing anything.

Inactive 7 Aug 2011

Hi marycrest5,
TMJ certainly can be painful, I've had it for several years. Do you have a mouthguard to wear at night? Your dentist must fit you with one to customize it to your teeth and jaw, they are not inexpensive though. You can also purchase a mouthguard (like the ones football players use) at any pharmacy, but those do not work as well as the fitted ones made by ones dentist.
Do you grind your teeth at night? Bruxism (sp?) or grinding ones teeth is very common with TMJ. A mouthguard prevents you from grinding or clenching your jaw.
Best wishes marycrest5,

Inactive 7 Aug 2011

whoops, forgot to add, yes it certainly can prevent you from opening your mouth as wide !!

Lahayle 25 Aug 2011

About 30 yrs. ago I could not close my mouth. It got stuck. Now, I have experienced whenever I do go to the dentist? It is so hard for them to do anything because, I can not open my mouth wide enough. Have you seen an E.N.T. doctor? They should be able to help you. Have you tried the mouthpiece to place in your mouth at bedtime? I hope this helps you, some.

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