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Any results from suit for tooth decay caused by methodone?

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Aviregina 3 Oct 2015

Do you have any more info about this suit? It's prob too late for me to get involved, but I'd love to know more about it. I guess I could try dr. Google too lol

Elizap 27 Mar 2016

Did you go to a clinic to receive treatment? If so, it was most likely publicly funded.

The thought of suing a non-profit entity who's purpose is to HELP those who are essentially criminals (yes, by taking illegal drugs that would be the correct definition) is absurd.

You are alive and presumably healthy! This should be an enormous blessing. Your dental issues are your own responsibility.

I highly recommend taking ownership of the fact that you made a very unwise decision to engage in illegal drugs. The consequences are now yours to live with.

N8JonVan 30 Nov 2017

Pharmasutical companys warn non abusers of possible side effects and precautions, why dont ex abusers deserve the same? you dont know how or why one came to abuse substances and if there looking for help why not be helpful as you can be and are to those who medicate for less persecuted reasons free discount card

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