I suffer from a well documented case of congenital chronic pancreatitis . The pain can be unbearable. Tramadol and OTC products are useless, Along
With the pain that keeps me rolling In a fetal position, I have trouble eating many foods, nausea. Weight loss , diarrhea, anemia and lack of energy. hydrocodone and similar pills barely help. Drs. Are afraid to order them. How can I live any quality of life with that chronic pain and limitations.I am not a druggy. I am a retired respectable 66 year old college grad professional. I am sorry that this drug is abused and has caused overdoses and the deaths of many people , but what are we supposed to do, Drs. , especially pain management physicians trained to constantly monitor the patient with drug screens and who note the integrity of their patient should have the medical discretion to trust and treat that patient. I understand the reason for the law and realize it’s merit, however my life is shattered and limited because of pain. It’s hard to provide life giving sustenance with the nausea and pain. I am 5’6” and weigh 123lbs. If I had terminal CA. Would that change things. My physician is amazed that I have survived this for 40 years, Please be sympathetic with any ideas. Who should I reach out to?
Physicians fear being targeted by pharmacies and trouble with the DEA.