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Restoril - is this product stronger than Ambien?

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Inactive 13 Sep 2011

Hello Marioup. Yes, Restoril (temazepam) is one of the top sleeping drugs avaliable. I would say that if restoril would not do the job, in helping one sleep, I seriously doubt that there is anything on the market today that might top it. It has its drawbacks, side effects, but as a sleeping drug, very to you.

nicwinn35 18 Nov 2016

This is not true. In clinical studies Ambien work better than temazepam to keep you asleep while temazepam did not. Temazepam relaxed me but never helped guide me to sleep nor ever kept me asleep. Ambien has been RX to me a day ago because temazepam does not work for me. My Dr. Said if this doesn't work Seroquel is the strongest thing to use, but it comes with weight gain. Good luck with your good night.

darlamcginnis 16 Jul 2017

My insomnia is so bad right now... partially due to mania... and I have to take 3-4 10mg Ambien on top of klonopin and valium. Is this stuff really stronger than Ambien? free discount card

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