I am a 51 year old male who is in a healthy state, except I have had 7 back surgeries, (4 lumbar) and 3 cervical. I have titanium rods in my cervical and lumbar areas. I have been taking MS Contin (60 mg) 3 x day, Alprazolam (1 mg 3 x day), lipitor, flomax, amytriptyline (150 mg @ bedtime) and Mirtazipne (30 mg @bedtime. My doctor and I decided to try and change the amytriptyline with a different sleep aid (previously amytriptyline) to Restoril. My doctor gave me a script for 30 mgs of the restoril and to take 1 @ bedtime. I have been on the MS Contin, Alprazolam, Amytriptyline, and Mirtazipine for years. I'm curious to know if anyone knows the effects of the Restoril vs. the Amytriptyline. Any help would be greatly apprecaited... Thanks, Michael