What other sleep aid in the same group as the other anti-anxiety and sleep medications can I take with such a severe tolerance? I am on 6mg of Clonazapam a day plus 2mg up to 2 times a day of Xanax, amongst other antidepressents and medication. I was prescribed Restoril about two months ago and it unfortunatelly does not work as well as I had hoped. I am on 30mg a night with Remeron and I still wait about 30 minutes-never to fall asleep. I have taken it and never slept that night. The only time it works if it is mixed with an opiate, (only certain ones make me sleepy, the rest make me wired), which I do not need very often and do not want to have to take every night for sleep as that is not what they are for. What other sleep medication would you suggest, (besides Ambien), to help me with insomnia? Note: Over the counter medications like Benadryl or other sleep aids have an opposite effect-they make me wired as with most opiates. Please help me get some sleep as I have been up all night again.