I have been diagnosed with Restless Leg, for seven years now. I got it after I had an allergic reaction to a medicine but I also developed anxiety and depression from it. One neurologist thinks my anxiety and panic attacks caused it when others thing the reaction to the medicine. I have tried many medicines, Lyrica, Simiset, Ropinrole, Gapapetin and a patch of some sort. . I have started MIrapex for two weeks now. I have not noticed a change. I have taking 25 mg three times a day. I am wondering if I should have him increase it?
My restless leg is all the time expecially when I sit at work. It goes up my right side. I have to have heat on them which helps me cope during the day. At night it does get worse but I am able to sleep.
My physcian said the Mirapex can cause melonoma so I am nervous. I did do some research on it and it says it can happen people who have Parkinsons disease and are taking Mirapex. Has anyoe been told that by their physician?
Has anyone tried medical marijuna as this is my next option? Some people thnk it will help along with my neuorologist. I have never tried marijuana so I am hoping it will help.
Any advise is appreciated. Thanks, jtrumble2