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Restless Legs Syndrome - tramadol show up as thc in a drug screen?

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madhupjoshimd 24 Mar 2013

Is your question will Tramadol show up at THC in a urine test?
The simplest answer is no, however, some medications will interact with the Urine test and may show a false positive.
Please search the web for a study which was performed in the state of Washington which showed which OTC meds might cause a false positive result.
Are you on Tramadol for Restless leg syndrome? I am unaware that this is a common use for Tramadol.
Madhup Joshi, MD
Maui, Hawaii

kad2866 27 Mar 2013

Just for added info:, at my dosage, 50 mg 4 x a day, I was "randomly" drug tested at work 2 times and tramadol did not cause any problems for those test... otherwise i would have been fired. I did not tell the drug tester anything about the tramadol either, left it up to them to figure out. free discount card

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