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Restless Legs Syndrome - how to treat without medicine?

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akulik 31 Oct 2009

there are certain meds that cause RLS, I suspect you may be taking a medication that causes it. camomile tea, is helpful. Also, get active before you lie down, so that you are tired.Caffiene, opiates, and some other drugs cause RLS also. there is a sleeping and anxiety homeopathic otc supplements calms forte that may help. u can get it at the drug store

itsmetoo2 31 Oct 2009

RLS can not be treated without medication. But if it is not true RLS, then try some camomile tea just before you go to sleep

Anonymous 1 Nov 2009

My mom and I both suffer from RLS, my mom has suffered longer than me. Anyway, we both like to rub our legs down before turning in at night. She prefers (rubbing) alcohol and I like the feeling of Aspercream, or any of the pain relieving creams that contain trolamine salicylate 10%. These creams are odorless, greaseless, and don't get hot or icy, but there is a very subtle warmth. I also like to sleep in socks, it seems to comfort my legs as well as my feet. Hope this information helps.

2187396abc 13 Nov 2009

Hello, ask your medical provider about potentially using a homeopathic magnesium phosphate. I have used it with gaining temporary relief of leg cramping, including at bedtime. Best wishes. free discount card

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