... PLEASE. I have no medical insurance n can't afford to see a doctor. N my husband's VA income supposibly is to much to qualify for any kind of assistance to see a doctor. I belive what i have is RLS. I have uncontrolable tingling, pain, n limb movement in my legs. It's so bad right now. It started out when i was a preteen but back then it would come in spurts maybe like 3 times a year n last a few days n go away. But in the last 3 years it has been so severe that it does not let up anymore its everyday all day n night. There r times that i can go without sleep up to 5 days i am exhuasted all the time.
I have tooken a very dark path due to this just to get some kinda of relief these last 3 years. When this started 3 years ago I would take perks or vics that i would take on the sneaks from my husband. N yes i know ur not supposed to n its illegal. But, after trying everything it was the only thing that gave me relief n some so much needed sleep. After a year my husband was tooken off his pain meds n i was left with the RLS again. After, that i started self-cutting my thighs n legs n then pouring rubbing alcohol on the cuts. Just to give my brain a diffrent pain to react to. N when my husband found out what extreme i was going to he put a stop to it, but it only made me turn to street drugs n it all landed up in addiction all due to my legs. But, i since have cleaned up n the tingling n the whole RLS is back full force. I am back to no sleep, exhusted, n becoming depressed cause i can't live mylife like this i would rather be dead then havè to live the rest of mylife this way. N i don't want to go back to the street drugs that r so easy to get. N believe me i have thought bout going back to it just to get some relife n sleep. Oh, what i would do for a good nights rest n to wake up feeling energized n happy again. Anyone out there with severe RLS that can help?